7 Ways to Make Gold in 8.1

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I’m highlighting seven different ways to make gold in 81

The BEST way to make gold is always going to vary based on a whole bunch of factors so I’ve aimed for variety here Hopefully there’s something useful formost people

1st up is World Quests, and let me expand a little bit before you just leave to go give up and take a nap The amount of gold from a Gold World Quest did get buffed a little in 81, so those are solidly over 100 each now Any gear you get from a world quest reward or just dropping along the way can be scrapped or disenchanted for some profit All of the rep you get goes towards the new paragon rep caches, which have a couple thousand gold in them

AND if a gold reward emissary comes up, that’s worth an extra 2k gold for each character that you can do it on The benefit of this one is that it’s new content, so you’re also collecting current reps, toys, pets, mounts and titles while you’re at it And you’ll also be getting Azerite if that’s something you give a flying baby turtle about The drawback is that it’s not really that much gold relevant to past expansions or other methods, and if you’re severely undergeared world quests may be slow to do This one will be nicer after we unlock flying, which unfortunately is not quite yet

Next up is Island Expeditions, specifically to collect transmog and pets to sell At a MINIMUM do your weekly quota which can be filled up with only four heroic islands for a Mysterious Treasure Map That map spawns a nice mission on your board which could get you valuable rare BOE mog to sell, a dump of 5k straight gold or other Island Loot Not all of that is sellable but even the things which aren’t are still nice to have such as Titan Residuum or mounts If you’re going big on Island Farming you’ll want either a lot of max level alts or one that’s specially kitted out and xp paused at 111

With the 120s, it’s just about maximising your weekly Treasure maps With a fully decked out 111, you can queue Normal mode islands and blast through them at top speed while picking up tons of loot to sell Some benefits here: you’re also hauling in Dubloons for that new vendor You also get chances at Island specific mounts and toys, and also plenty of Azerite The drawback is that the loot that you can sell might sell for high prices but has a pretty low sale rate, so you might be sitting on your inventory for a while

Next up is pet farming, and I am not talking about running cata raids for cheap pets Vendor pets from the new Gnomeregan pet dungeon such as the Alarm-o-dog CAN be caged and sold If you have the pets and the time to run Gnomeregan, you could be looking at very good gold from pet collectors who can’t or don’t want to go in themselves There’s also an engineering schematic on the vendor so Engineers can look i nto crafting Mechantulas to sell- although you may make more gold by just going straight for the other pets on the vendor While we’re talking about pets, all four of the BfA Alchemy pets do still sell very well on the Auction House

If you have any alchemists it’s worth keeping those Transmute Meat to Pet sacs hatching That’s a lovely sentence Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get one of the new pets from the sacs, but that’s the only way to make ’em If you’re selling pets, make sure to compare the price of level 25 pets vs level 1 It might be worth your time to run them through a daily or two before you sell to boost your profit

Next is Missions, and to be honest, this is barely worth the mention but the gold amounts did get buffed slightly in 81 so I’m still tossing it into the video With the 200% bonus it’s what, 200 and something-ish gold It’s not going to change your life but you know, what else were you going to spend your War Resources on Next, not new to the patch but going strong in 8

1 is Pandaria Ore Farming You’re after Ghost Iron, Kyparite and Trillium, so all of it These are used to craft mounts like the Sky Golem and Panther mounts among other things, but in my opinion the best thing to do is just farm the ore Don’t even bother crafting mounts The crafted stuff tends to sell very close to cost and it’s tough to move very many of them, whereas the ore offloads a lot faster for almost as much

You can do this the old fashioned way by flying around and mining nodes, or there are some fancy alternatives If you’re into actual farm farming you can plant some ore on your Pandaria farm and relive simpler days while making some gold If you’re a mount collector, camp out the Zandalari Warbringer rares for bags of Mop mats as well as chances at their Direhorn mounts Next is an old classic, Auction House flipping Based on your starting gold and your patience, this could be BOE epics, battle pets, transmog, crafting mats, whatever

The sky’s the limit This is a huge category with more depth and profit potential than the other six put together Having said that, it’s one of those things where you either like it or you don’t If you’re are interested in getting into playing the Auction House I recommend watching a few TSM guides to get a feel for the TradeSkillMaster addon Last is my personal favourite, BfA herb farming

This is STILL worthwhile, and will only get moreso going into the new raid tier Some things like Anchor Weed have definitely fallen off a cliff but they’re still worth picking Other herbs, like Akunda’s Bite on my server have climbed quite a bit recently Herbing is relaxing, it’s scenic- and if you do it on an alt, it’ll help level more characters You’ll want those around for gold emissaries and pet charm world quests, and the next time they decide to add a farm to the game

I hope that’s soon I bet they’ll let you pick your gold turnips from your phone And that’s it from me, thank you for watching Share your superior goldmaking methods in the comments so everyone else on your server can outcompete you with them Let me know what you think and have a wonderful, wonderful day


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